The Home Course - Over the past 80 years, DC’s Langston Golf Course has been a sacred space of sorts for generations of black Washingtonians, a place of recreation and life lessons (not to mention celebrity sightings). Today it’s changing along with the city around it, with a young and diverse set of newcomers hitting the links who are unaware of its early history as the only local course open to African Americans. Amid these changes—and some welcome overtures of long awaited improvements—veterans of the course reflect on the first fairways in Washington where black golfers felt like insiders. Read More

Unsettling In: I’m a Black Millennial Who Just Moved to DC. Am I a Gentrifier? - I'm technically all settled into my bedroom on the top floor of a five-person house in Eckington, but I don’t feel settled. Sure, a family of rats lives in the trash cans out back, but something else is keeping me up. Perhaps it started when I opened my phone’s wi-fi options and more than 30 networks appeared—among them, “Gentrification_2.4” and “Gentrification_5G.” Or maybe it’s simply because I’m not sure I can connect to that word: gentrificationRead More

After a Grammy Nod, GoldLink Reflects on the DC Music Scene and Coming Home - GoldLink was fresh off an intense set in front of a sold-out hometown crowd at U Street Music Hall, and after the venue mostly emptied, he was hanging out in front of the stage to greet fans. Still glistening with sweat, he wore a designer tee, skinny pants, and metallic-silver Chelsea boots. Read More

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The rapper whose essence is soul - It’s 6 p.m. on a Tuesday, and Kassim Okusaga is ready to leave his job at the Holiday Inn near Capitol Hill — not just for the evening, but for good. The 25-year-old calls his job as a front desk agent a “side gig,” as he pursues a career as a rapper best known by his first name. Read More

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The Beautiful Pain of a Long-Distance Relationship - My brain and heart were out of sync, like one was preparing for a sprint while the other was training for a marathon. Read More

900 Words About Being the “Black Friend” - I am the black friend. The one who helps with diversity statistics at universities and offices. I was raised in the suburbs and went to private schools. I am the black man rarely depicted in media. I smile. I’m safe. And I don’t cause too much trouble. And yet, I feel the pain of my brothers. Read More



Early signs suggest it was a bad winter for Upstate NY beekeepers - It appears to have been a rough winter for New York state beekeepers. Early estimates suggest many beekeepers have lost at least half of their hives, with some reporting all of their honey bee colonies died. Read More

How to study brewing in Upstate NY: Seven places to get a beer degree or certificateCraft breweries are on the rise in New York State. And with that comes a need for and increased interest in studying the business of brewing craft beer. Colleges across the state offer programs, certificates and diplomas for those interested in taking their craft to the professional level. Read More

For General Brown Lions, football is all about family (24 Hours of HS Football) - On a Thursday night at General Brown, just west of Watertown, young men sat on either side of a long table eating spaghetti and meatballs. Children played in the hall nearby while parents laughed and caught up on community news. Read More



As the founder and editor-in-chief, I implore our writers to "humanize the hype" and ask "why" of the music industry. For instance, Why J.Cole Needs Features, or Why Music Criticism (Still) Matters I manage the team of 15 writers and editors through Slack, Google Hangout, and WordPress, maintaining a weekly editorial schedule and social media engagement. Our writers stay up to date on the latest music trends and review new releases every week. It's a fun environment, managed like a digital newsroom, with writers all across the country and Canada. 



One-Man Show - Mickey Mahan, more commonly known as the Flying Busman, offers a new take on storytelling. Read More

Another RoundA local boxer, Bosnian refugee, and survivor of three open-heart surgeries takes up one more fight. Read More

Collin's Corner - Collins Barber & Beauty Shop is a second home for a community that has been loyal to the family for almost half a century.  Read More


Newhouse Capstone Project - As editor in chief of Re-enact, I ran daily meetings and led our newsroom in connecting with an audience of living history enthusiasts. I also wrote about where George Washington slept during the Revolutionary War and contributed to a travel guide for historic Philadelphia. Read More



Why Snapchat Cares Where You Are - The service is fixated on the concept of 'everywhere,' with the addition of location-based filters and other geotagging practices that indicate at an increasing interest in where its users are. Read More



Congolese refugee becomes church leader - Such joy was hard to find where Amani came from, he said. Papy Amani is the unofficial leader of the rapidly growing Congolese refugee community in Syracuse. Read More

Tai Chi Revolution encourages positivity through movementEveryone in the room feels a peaceful energy flowing through the studio as they move in synchronized pushes and pulls. This is the revolution. Read More



The Pope Up Close - Since arriving at the Vatican to begin my internship at Catholic News Service many a friend from home has asked the same question sarcastically, “So, did you meet the pope yet?” Read More

Changing Locations: An intern's final reflections on his time in Rome - This is my last post for CNS — at least for the time being — so I’m going to get sentimental. I want to compare the first time I attended Pope Francis’ general audience in March to my most recent attendance, which was yesterday. Read More



Sabrina's Cafe, a great neighborhood brunch spot - Villanova students are passionate about many of life’s joys. Basketball, community service, academics and of course, brunch. If you haven’t already discovered Sabrina’s Café, you are in for quite the treat. Read More

Nothing Wrong with a Black Bond, namely Idris Elba - Although the newest installment of the James Bond series, titled “Spectre,” is set to be released this November, it is hardly the biggest 007 news. Read More